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Major Machines operating in EMF Design and Fabrication Services

Electrical & Mechanical Fabrication (EMF) Services provides the engineering design and fabrication supporting services for teaching and learning activities, academic research and industrial collaboration projects. EMF is located in Room 2204 (Lift 21).


All are welcome to drop-in EMF for technical interflow and/or project discussion. Please contact Mr. William Wong (2358 8243) / Mr. Martin YUEN (2358 6893) / Mr. C M CHEUNG (2358 6891).

Major System Design & Fabrication
EMF provides services to produce electrical and mechanical designs for in-house research activities and industrial based projects. Major engineering design software in used is CATIA, SolidWorks and ANSYS. The department possesses a series of high precision machinery and CAD/CAM/CAE software to convert the design into fabrication. Also, the department has developed sophisticated electronic signal processing and control systems for specific applications.

Scientific Components Fabrication
EMF has been making high precision components for research or teaching applications. Throughout the years of operation, we have accumulated precious experience in fabricating scientific components with special alloy and composite materials, which can tolerate extreme thermal condition and in ultra-high vacuum environment.

Facilities for Authorized User
A User Workshop equipped with mill; lathe; bandsaw and general machine shop accessories is opened for authorized users. In which the user can perform simple machining tasks.

Vertical Milling Machine 2 sets
Centre Lathe 1 set
Drill Press 1 set
Vertical Band Saw 1 set
Abrasive Wheels 1 set

Major Machines operating in EMF Design and Fabrication Services